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Where do you find pedigrees?

Hello, and welcome to another edition of Behind the Foaling Door! This time we'll be discussing pedigrees! We've all had the experience of buying the perfect model and then eagerly starting to search for the perfect pedigree...only it's not always that easy! Sometimes the only horses we find are the wrong age or the wrong color, or have a poor pedigree...and sometimes we can't find parents at all! This month I asked several breeder, "What are your best sources for finding pedigrees for your foals?"

"I usually end up using model-bred pedigrees, since it's hard for me to find real horse pedigrees the right age for my horses! however, if I do find the pedigree of a real horse that fits my needs, I will try to use it. It was only recently that I found out it was allowable to use real horse pedigrees! Right now I have two horses on my s/d list with real horse pedigrees researched by myself. While I like using real horse pedigrees, I am still very dependent on model pedigrees. Besides, many of the model pedigrees have real horse pedigrees somewhere in them!"
-Miranda Stoddard

"When I look for pedigrees I usually like to use real pedigrees as my first choice and model pedigree as my second choice-especially with the more well know breeds like Arab, QH, Paint, Morgan, and other popular breeds. Lately I've really concentrated on pedigreeing my model Arabs from REAL pedigrees mostly. I have an issue of an Arab magazine that I use for reference. Since I've joined this club, I've learned a lot about real bloodlines and now tend to prefer real horses, though I will use model bloodlines on breeds that are hard to find."
-Natasha Powers

"I mainly use real horses, though I will make up a few for the bloodlines, such as if a horse has been dead for 20+ years. I will make that horse a great-grandparent, and then make up a son or daughter for him or her. I haven't used other models yet except for my own."
-Dayle Steinke

"I have quite a few reference books-TB stud books, sale catalogues, QH stud books that I use to look up real pedigrees. I also have a few friends that have different breeds and harrass them for pedigrees and use other people's s/d lists. I race model TBs so I have an extensive breeding program. Some of my 'running' stallions sire models. I breed as realistically as possible and all pedigrees trace to real horses eventually. I never, ever make up pedigrees or horses."
-Lisa Strang

"I rely a lot on real horse pedigrees, especially for my Morgan and Gaited breed horses, as that is where my main interest in PA lies. A good place to find pedigrees for those breeds are breed magazines, which are filled with articles on famour sires and dams. ANother place that is good is the AMSHA and ASHA - they are very good about sending out pedigrees, usually for a small fee. For other breeds, I usually use sires and dams from other model breeders. I look for those with good bloodlines as well as good show records."
-Trish Albert

&qout;I have found real horse pedigrees in all sorts of places, including but not limited to: websites(as in the TB pedigree website), for sale/at stud ads, books, stud books (if I could ever get my hands on them!). I sometimes also have toher model breeders find real parents for me (this can be very useful for rare breeds), or I use s/d lists."
-Marce Evans

"FOr the most part, I use real horses in my pedigrees, which I usually find in old magaziens and stud books. I have an extensive library of my own that I use (300+ volumes at the moment - that's where much of the information you see in the newsletter comes from!), and I amke regular trips to Kentucky to use the Horse Park and Saddlebred Museum Libraries, both of which have large collections of archived magazines and stud books. I've been known to spend hours in those, searching for 'odd colored' horses and taking down notes which I keep in three-ring binders. I also like to use models, but am pretty picky about wanting sires and dams with researched pedigrees (not just made-up pedigrees) and breeders who stick to realism as much as possible."
-Lesli Kathman

"In finding many of my pedigrees I rely on the fact that I own real horses and am involved in many real horse clubs. It is really flattering to many people to be asked for their horse's pedigree. It has been a great way to learn about some fo the main bloodlines in the state. I also have been able to acquire pedigrees from services like the Marilyn Carr service and I use real horse journals and my 1993 AQHA Congress book which advertises many horses and their pedigrees. It has been quite a challenge finding some of the real horse pedigrees, but when I do it is really interesting."
-Tammy Chaloux

"My foundation stock are mostly all real horses that I have found in magazines. but I do have some models having model parents form other model breeders that trace to real horses. I want there to be as much realism in the pedigreees as I can. I don't make up pedigrees, and I try very hard not to use old model pedigrees that have made up horses in them. I've been doing this sort of breeding since 1970!"
-Daralyn Wallace

"At present I'm just getting started in pedigree assignment but I've been looking for model parents for most of my show string. For my racers, I'm most interested in real bloodlines, so that I can start my own foundation herd."
-Deborah King

"I believe having horses that trace back to live horses provides superior quality at a stable. That is why I've been heavily researching bloodlines of live horse for the past year and now nearly all 700 of my horses are immediately live-bred. There is a wealth of information on the internet. I also have gotten a few magazines that have a lot of pedigree information. One is a general sales magazine called Horsepeddler. The other is an Arab magazine that is imported from Germany. I have created a computer database with thousands of live horse and their bloodlines. It's great to consult with other pedigree assignment people to fill in the blanks to the bloodlines I have that are incomplete."
-Kim Gackowski

Where do you find YOUR pedigrees? Write and let me know! Next issue's topic will be: How do you come up with names for your horses? If you would like to comment on this topic or on any past topics, please write to Chris Semon with your opinion. See you next time!

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