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Superlative Foals

Hello! When we set up a s/d list and begin to advertise our sires and dams, we always hope that the progeny will do great things and get our stable known. With every pedigree we write, we have high hopes that this foal will be truly exceptional and one we can point to with pride. For this installment of Behind the Foaling Door, I asked several model breeders what they would prefer that foals out of their stable become...great showers, breeders, or racers.

"As a breeder I like to see foals have a good show record. Horses that are shown are more visinle and have really had to earn their show record."
-Deb Moore

"The best part of pedigree assignment is seeing the produce of your mare or stallion and knowing each foal will be used for something different. You might have a mare produce 3 foals in 3 years and the first might be used as a stud, the second as a trail horse, and the third as a show horse. That's the great thing- your mare becomes known in all fields. I would rather have foals at my barn that are all different- some that are great showers, great studs, and great racers. I wouldn't want just every horse at My-T-Fine Minatures to be just a great show ring horse or a great stud or broodmare. Versatility and variety mean so much to me. I would like my barn to be known for producing great showhorses, great breeding stock, and great racehorses. I don't think that people should have to choose what their foals become. Though many barns are like that (this barn produced only Thoroughbred racing horses) or (my farm produces only top show horses). That's great, but for me it's almost too boring."
-Tammy Chaloux

"Showers! My primary interest is showing. The majority of my foals would be my r/r/h work. If my foals become great showers, it would not only promote my breeding stock, but would also get my work out there and noticed. Since this is the first time I've ever offered custom work, it's a great opportunity for people to see what I do."
-Lisa Strang

"As for me, I would have no preference whether foals bred at my farm be good showers, racers, or breeders. Any of these would be great. I'm involved in all three aspects, and I feel that all three are equally important to the hobby."
-Joanna Wicke

"I would like the foals to be great showers. It proves the sire's/dam's abiliy to produce fine specimens of horse flesh, whereas racers only have to run fast. Since breeders are still relatively limited to the model horse hobby, fine bloodlines don't quite stand up to show prowess."
-Fraya Davis

"I would prefer a breeder. The foal's show record really has nothing to do with your model. Your model could be a Family Arabian Stallion, and the foal could be a top quality custom. But a top breeder reflects on the quality of your bloodlines, and passes the information down a few more generations."
-Meighan Daly

"I want my models' foals to be all of the above. To me, if they are great showers, breeders, or racers, it is a compliment to my stable and my model parents. It says to others that here is a versatile breeder. I think that all are important, not just ONE. And many of my models have done this- I have producers of consistent champions, racers, and I have grandfoals who are champion even though their parents and their grandparents are not."
-Melissa Addison

"I'd like the foals of my models to become great shower. That seems to be the most important aspect of the hobby and the most highly acclaimed."
-Kim Gackowski

"I personally love to see that my horses' foals are great in whatever they do, be it racing, breeding, or showing. In some ways to be a great breeding horse, the model must excell in showing or racing. I am very proud of my models for their breeding abilities, not whether they are great showers or racers."
-Alice Horton

"I would really like to see my foals become top show horses. Seeing their name in photo and live show results bring a smile to my face, knowing that I bred that foal. A very close second is a top breeder. Perpetuating a stable's bloodlines is also a top priority for both model and real breeders. A model after it 'dies' continues on through its progeny."
-Trish Albert

"Honestly, my answer to this question would depend on which horses of mine were used as the parents. Some of my horses I have deliberately bred with good racing bloodlines, so I'd rather see their offspring become good racers. Some of my horses have good show records. Those of my horses that I have carefully bloodlined but that I don't show or race I would like to see produce good breeding stock. Of course, I am thrilled when someone tells me that one of their models with my bloodlines has done well at shows or races. After all, I've put a lot of time into getting good bloodlines for my models, so any accomplishments that their offspring do are good. I like to hear about all of them!"
-Daralyn Wallace

"Top breeders, definitely! It gives one great gratification to know that lots of people are using a horse that you bred and knowing that your horse's name will be on pedigrees of lots of great horses! If you sire a great shower or great racer, sure, it gives you something to advertise with- but myself, I get a real warm fuzzy from knowing my baby has lots of grandchildren!"
-Miranda Stoddard

"I would want my foal to become a great shower. Why? Because I am a customizer and sculptor and all of my foals are customs- therefore I created them and hope that they would do well!"
-Dee Ann Kjelshus

"I would like to see the offspring from my horses remembered. I say remembered because it does not matter if they show well, race well, or reproduce in order to be remembered well. Any or all of these aspects of model showing will note a horse of exceptional merit- whether she appears in all of the show results or as a producer of champions. Of course, many people still have that 'thing' against pedigree assignment, but I see that falling by the wayside in years to come. Just think of how proud Marney Walerius would be if she saw the offspring produced by her breeding program as star members of new herds. That's why just remembering a horse has meaning for me."
-Kim Bjorgo

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