Book Review
A Century of Belgian Horses in America

If only all breeds had a book this useful for pedigree assignment as this book on Belgians! Written by Maurice Telleen (editor of The Draft Horse Journal), A Century Of Belgian Horses In America is an oversized paperback with 488 pages and over 900 photos. The book chronicles the history of the breed from 1887 to the present, and many of the pages are reproductions of old ads from the pages of The Belgian Review, as well as articles that appeared in there and in The Draft Horse Journal. Although the book contains few pedigrees, it does contain numerous in-depth articles on individual horses and various breeding programs with enough information to put together pedigrees for the anumals being discussed. One particular strong point of this book is that there is as much information on mares as there is on stallions; as anyone who has used real horses for pedigree assignment can tell you, finding the mares is the hardest part! The chronological arrangement of the book also makes it easier to determine foaling dates of potential sires or dams.

A Century Of Belgian Horses In America can be ordered for $35 p.p.d. from The Draft Horse Journal, P.O. Nox 670, Waverly, IA 50677.

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