Book Review
International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds

Although not as flashy as some of the recently released general horse books, the International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds by Bonnie Hendricks makes up for this in overall accuracy. The blatant misinformation that tends to plague books about horse breeds is visibly absent, largely because the author did extensive research for each breed utilizing breeders, breed organizationas and foreign agricultural departments.

And there are lots of very obscure breeds, including a large number from the former Soviet Union and even China. So for those that enjoy assigning obscure breeds to their models, this book is a treasure of never-before heard of breeds!

The book is set up with the breeds in alphabetical order with a small black and white photograph (sometimes more) for each breed. There are a few color plates in the center of the book of a few horses, but lavish illustrations are an area where the book does fall short. There is little real bloodline information since it it beyond the scope of the book, but many of the horses pictured are stallions and names are given for many. There is also an index in the back with addresses of foreign breed registries and agricultural departments where further information cna be obtained. Several hobbyists have had good luck receiving information on rare breeds using these addresses (though often a translator is needed to prepare the initial inquiry letter!)

The International Encyclopedia of Horse Breeds is almost 500 pages hardbound, and is published by the Oklahoma University Press. Copies can be purchased from Knight Equestrian Books, PO Box 78, Edgecomb, Main 04556 (208) 882-5485.

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