Book Review
The Shire Horse - A History of the Breed, the Society, and the Men

Written by Keither Chivers and published by J.A. Allen, The Shire Horse contains an exhaustive look (834 pages worth!) at the history of the Shire. Throughout the book there is evidence of the vast research that went into the book, including almost 200 pages of appendixes full of detailed charts on such things as Spring Show Champions, Leading Sires, Most Common Names and even lists of Color Percentages. Particularly useful to those showing historical models are the copies of the various iterations of the breed standard.

Unfortunately for pedigree assignment, the book has a few major failings. The worst of these is that the title of the books is quite accurate, and there is much in the book that focuses on the breeders and the society rather than the horses themselves. The book also suffers from a lack of pictures, with only around 40 plates, most in black and white. It also deals largely with the distant history of the breed (not a book for finding parents for present day Shires!) and then only those Shires in England. It is, however, an excellent reference book in all other respects.

The Shire Horse can be ordered for $59.95 from Knight's Equestrian Books, P.O. Box 78, Edgecomb, ME 04556.

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