Book Review
Fox Trot Trackings - History and Legend of the Fox Trotting Horse

Fox Trot Trackings is more a compilation of recollections than a breed book. Compiled by Nadine Moeller, it is the product of countless interviews with owners, trainers, and riders of famous Missouri Foxtrotters.

For pedigree assigners, there is a great deal of background information on the "greats" of this less common breed (usually with black and white photos), as well as a chapter in the back of pedigrees. Because the breed is relatively young, most of the horses described are recent enough to use as sires or dams. It does take some work to sort through the book to find things like foaling dates or to extend pedigrees, but there is a comprehensive index.

The biggest failing in the book is that it assumes a certain knowledge of the breed; there is no basic background information provided. Because this is the only book published on the breed to date, it would have been helpful to provide a broader overview of the breed and its history.

Fox Trot Trackings can be ordered from the author (Nadine Moeller, Route 2, Bonner Springs, KS 66012). The book is available in either hardcover or softcover -- current prices were unavailable at this time.

-Lesli Kathman

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