Book Review
Legends - Volume 1 and 2

Both volumes of Legends cover the influential horses in the development of the Quarter Horse. Each chapter is devoted to a different stallion or mare, and covers their showing and racing accomplishments, as well as offspring that contributed to that breed. Throughout the books are countless photographs (many rare, all black and white) of the old time greats.

For pedigree assigners, these books are a great resource at an extremely affordable price. Although most of the horses profiled are stallions, there are a few mares, and all of the horses are presented with extended pedigrees, foaling and death dates, as well as more in-depth information in the types of horses they had produced and the influence they had on the breed. An effort was made to include all types of horses, from early stock horses to racers to halter horses.

Legends (I and II) can be obtained from the publisher, Western Horseman (Box 7980, Colorado Springs, CO 80933). Each paperback book is approximately 170 pages, and sell for around $15.00.

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