The Father's Daughter

This issue we'll focus on the daughters of the Belgian stallion Conqueror. Conqueror was the son that succeeded Progress, the stallion of obscure breeding that was Jay Farceur's great rival. Conqueror would go on to found the modern "C" line of Belgians -- source of such greats as Constricto, Conqueraise and Congolaise.

Linda (x Norene de Papelotte by Canari de Papelotte) f. 1947, blonde. Greatest winning mare of her era.

Consuelo (x Nora May by Progress) f. 1954, sorrel. 1958 National Champion mare. Also, full sister Caprice, f. 1953.
Liberty Belle (x Broken Stripe by Progress) f. 1947, sorrel.

Condora (x Lady Flash by MB Flash) f. 1962, dark sorrel. 1965-1966 National Champion mare. Also, full sister Conda, f. 1963, dark sorrel.

Florinda (x Flora by MB Flash) f. 1950, sorrel. An influential broodmare.

Miss Matilda (x Matilda Farceur by Jan Farceur) f. 1959, sorrel. Successful show mare with a career that spanned 12 years. She was also a great broodmare who produced the stallions Congolaise and Con Elegant. Also, full sisters Rosalee (f. 1968 -- injured and never shown), Miss Julia (f. 1961) and Miss Jean (f. 1962).

Conelda (x Janet Farceur by Jan Farceur) f. 1955, sorrel. A great broodmare, producing such show ring winners as Consella and Conelrad. Also, full sisters Janice (f. 1957), Linda Kay (f. 1959), and Belle (f. 1960) -- all sorrels.

Marlo (x Margie Du Marais by Tripsee du Marais) f. 1968, sorrel. Marlo was the last daughter born to Conqueror, and best known as the dam of the stallion Conquerais. Also, full sisters Margret (f. 1966) and Margie II (f. 1967).

-Lesli Kathman

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