The Father's Daughter

Few horses have had the far-reaching impact on a given breed like that of the Arabian stallion *Bask. Bred in Poland, *Bask was imported by Dr. Gene LaCroix of Lasma in 1963. He would go on to win the National Champion Stallion title the following year, and National Champion Park in 1965. In 1967, he would take the Reserve Championship in Formal Driving and Combination. But it was as a sire that *Bask would achieve the greatest fame, leading the list of sires for both halter and performance winners. By 1985 he had sired more foals then any other Arabian stallion -- a total of 1,045 -- and could claim 163 National Champion titled sons and daughters. The following are just a few of the influential *Bask daughters (he had a total of 532):

Afire (x *Wirginia by *Naborr) f. 1970, chestnut. 1975 National Champion English Pleasure.

Alove-Note (x Alpine Windsong by Bay Beau) f. 1977, bay. 1981 National Reserve Champion Mare. Also, full sister Mark IV Coronation (f. 1978, bay), 1983 National Champion English Pleasure and top seller at auction ($700,000).

Amber Light (x Bint Ambara by Comet) f. 1971, grey. Also, her full sister Amber Lit (f. 1974, bay).

Ambra (x *Ambara by Wielki Szlem) f. 1970, bay. 1979 National Champion Park.

Amurath Bandeira (x *Sanacht by Hadban Enzahi) f. 1971, grey. 1974 National Champion Futurity Mare, and Reserve Champion Mare. Her dam was pure Egyptian. Full sister to the stallion Amurath Baikal.

Anitaa++ (x Aethena by The Real McCoy) f. 1976, bay. 1981 National Reserve English Pleasure. Her dam produced ten foals by *Bask, including the stallions Hask and Ariztotle.

Balalinka (x *Bachantka by Wielki Szlem) f. 1968, bay. Balalinka was an influential broodmare for Varian Arabians, producing the stallion Barbary. Her dam was a 15/16 sister to *Bask.

Bask Cameo (x Bajulaka by *Bajram) f. 1974, grey.

Bask In Glory (x *Wenta by Elf) f. 1977.

Baskamenka (x Bint Chimenka by *Serafix) f. 1978, grey.

Baskamie (x AM La Naborr by *Naborr) f. 1974, bay.

Baskanetta (x Wisanne by Wisouad) f. 1973, chestnut. 1978-1979 National Top Ten Pleasure Driving.

Basquelle (x Country Belle by Handeyraff) f. 1967, bay. 1972 National Reserve Champion Mare, 1973 National Reserve English Pleasure.

Baychaska (x Baychatka by Bay-Abi) f. 1976, grey. Her maternal granddam is a 15/16 sister to *Bask.

Bonfieree (x *Boltonka by Arax) f. 1973, bay.

Cermonja ( x *Canberra by Abu Afas). f. 1971, grey. Also, full sister Cantarina (f. 1975, grey).

Contessa B+++ (x Countess of Lasma by *Count Dorsaz) f. 1966, grey. 1971 National Reserve English Pleasure.

Dancing Flame (x Habina by Hallany Mistanny) f. 1965, chestnut. 1969 National Reserve Champion Mare and English Pleasure, 1970 National Champion Mare. Also, her full sister Basquina (f. 1964, bay), 1972 Champion English Pleasure.

EW Infanta (x Wicu Drasphola by AM Surindraff) f. 1970, bay.

EW Sabaska (x *Sabellina by Abu Afas) f. 1971, bay. 1974 Reserve Futurity Mare.

Fever (x Fantazja by Negatiw) f. 1978, bay.

Fire Music (x Susecion by Corsair) f. 1970, bay. 1973 National Champion Mare and 1974 English Pleasure. Also, full sisters Bask Melody (f. 1972, bay), 1976 National Champion Mare, and Fire Melody (1978, chestnut). Susecion aslo produced the *Bask sons Fire Alert, Le Fire and Cal-O-Bask.

Fortune (x El Nimrah by El Sirocco) f. 1974, bay.

Granaada (x *Gdynia by Comet) f. 1976, grey. 1981-1982 Top Ten English Pleasure. Full sister to stallion Cognac and Gdansk, as well as the mare Gardenia, the highest selling *Bask offspring (at 1.5 million).

Halali Wind Kite (x Halali Winona by *Lotnik) f. 1972, bay. A broodmare for Varian Arabians.

Har Nahra (x *Portulaka by Faher) f. 1972, bay. Full sister to the stallion Port Bask, the son who replaced *Bask on the Leading Sire lists.

JCNRE Yabaskka (x Donna Yamama by Ibn Hanrah) f. 1976, chestnut.

Leading Ladee (x Mustique by *Mustafar) f. 1978, bay.

Lite My Fire (x Dargantka by *Cytrys) f. 1976, bay. 1981 National Champion English Pleasure.

L-O Escapade (x Four Winds Ecstasy by *Wiraz) f. 1973, chestnut. 1979-1980 National Top Ten Western Pleasure.

Mi Toska (x Toi by Tro) f. 1971. bay. National titles in Halter, English Pleasure, and Pleasure Driving. Full sister to the stallions Mi Tosk and Fire Devil.

Miz Bask (x Handida by Hanad) f. 1966, chestnut. 1975 National Champion Park AOTR.

Scarlet Lace (x Elsinor Muzuleyna by *Muzulmanin) f. 1976, chestnut. 1980 National Champion Formal Driving and Formal Combination, 1983 National Champion Park. Another top seller at auction ($1 million).

Sezabask (x Sez Anfas by Saba El Zahraa) f. 1979, chestnut.

Show Me (x Show Girl by Tornado) f. 1976, grey. Double *Bask through his son Tornado. 1981 National Top Ten Mare.

Silhouette (x *Silwara by Dargee) f. 1966, grey. Full sister to the stallion Tornado.

Spinning Song (x *Moska by Khemosabi+++) f. 1976, black. An influential broodmare for Varian.

-Lesli Kathman

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