The Father's Daughter

Chubasco is a chestnut tobiano Saddlebred stallion (with one blue eye) owned by the Scripps Miramar Ranch. In a breed dominated by chestnuts, blacks, and bays, he was still able to become one of the most successful sires in the breed. In 1989, Saddle and Bridle ranked him #1 Overall in the Sire Ratings (based on points won by get), despite the fact that he had less then 1/6th the number of foals of the second placed stallion Sultan's Santana. In the divisional ratings, he was ranked #5 in siring 5-Gaited winners, 3rd in 3-Gaited and first in both Fine Harness and Pleasure. The following are a few of his daughters:

Stormy Love (x Look I'm Lovely by Anacacho Empire) f. 1981 chestnut tobiano. Also, full sisters Chinook Princess (f. 1984, chestnut tobiano) and Royal Astoria (f. 1987, chestnut). They are sisters to the stallion Snowy River.

Caravelle (x Magic Note by WingMaster) f. 1981, chestnut tobiano. Chubasco's most successful daughter. Also, full sister Astra Music (f. 1982, chestnut tobiano).

My Cherie (x Magic Maytime by Mr. Magic Man) f. 1982, chestnut tobiano. Also, full sister Danielle MRF (f. 1981, chestnut). Full sisters to stallions Blitz and Snow Cap.

Aspen Queen (x Meadow View's Country Cousin by Valley View Supreme) f. 1981, chestnut tobiano. Sister to the stallion Policy Makers.

Tropicana Ann (x Peavine's Private Ann by Private Stonewall) f. 1982, chestnut. Also, full sister Nobody's Business (f. 1987, black tobiano).

Solid Brass (x Star's Devotion by Stonewall's Supreme Star) f. 1983, chestnut.

Last Devil (x Living Gold by Mr. Magic Man) f. 1983, chestnut. Also, full sister Savannah Gold (f. 1984, chestnut).

Remember Tropical Gale (x Mountjoy's Delight by Mountjoy's Denmark Jewel) f. 1983, chestnut tobiano.

Sweet Jennifer (x Smart Pick by WingMaster) f. 1984, chestnut. Also, full sisters Granada Emerald (f. 1985, chestnut tobiano) and Phacelia (f. 1986, chestnut tobiano).

Sahara Sweetheart (x She's A Sweetheart by Supreme Sultan) f. 1985, chestnut tobiano. Full sister to Chubasco's most successful son, Fire Fox, as well as to Dragonslayer, Storm Chaser, and Tiger Shark. Also, full sister Strawberry Sweetheart (f. 1989, chestnut tobiano).

Miss Gale Storm (x Desdemona Dee Dee by Oman's Desdemona Denmark) f. 1986, chestnut tobiano. Also, full sisters Flower Festival (f. 1987, chestnut tobiano) and Pralines-N-Cream LF (f. 1988, chestnut).

Snow Berries (x Our Spring Blossom by Oman's Desdemona Denmark) f. 1987, chestnut tobiano.

All Dressed Up (x Belle Elegant by Oman's Desdemona Denmark) f. 1987, chestnut tobiano.

Batik (x Nostalgia by Mr. Magic Man) f. 1987, chestnut tobiano. Also, full sisters Atila the Honey (f. 1988, chestnut) and Sentimental Sadie (f. 1989, chestnut).

Krizia (x Magic Sunset by Mr. Magic Man) f. 1987, chestnut.

So Chic (x The Summer Magic by Supreme Sultan) f. 1987, chestnut tobiano. Also, full sisters Straw Flower Sue (f. 1988, chestnut) and Thunder Britches (f. 1989, chestnut). Her maternal granddam produced Snow Cap and Blitz.

Suddenly Yours (x Mary Hadley MRF by Key Largo) f. 1987, chestnut tobiano.

Blythe (x Snow Belle by Bourbon Genius King) f. 1988, chestnut. Also, full sister Missed A Kiss (f. 1989, chestnut).

Snow Fooling (x Perfect Model by Mr. Magic Man) f. 1988, chestnut tobiano. Also, full sister Cookie Cutter (f. 1989, chestnut tobiano).

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