IPABRA Electronic Mailing List

The IPABRA Electonic Mailing list is a listserv mailing group set up for IPABRA and is managed by Daralyn Wallace (email address: dwallace@snaefell.tamu.edu). The IPABRA listserv serves as a forum to discuss issues within pedigree assignment such as color genetics and breeds. We also welcome posted sire/dam lists but please post only the breeds we are highlighting in the current issue of "Bloodlines". The highlighted breeds are as follows:

To subscribe to the list, send a message to this address: listserv@tamu.edu. In the BODY of your email, please type: subscribe IPABRA firstname lastname. Don't type anything else. You should get back a notice telling you that you have been successfully subscribed to the list. Please save that email message as it has important information about the listserv in it. If you have problems with the list, please contact Daralyn Wallace.


The IPABRA mailing list messages have been archived! Point your browser to the Archives of IPABRA@TAMU.EDU to catch up on missed messages, search out detailed information or just re-live the fun!

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