International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association

President: Chris Semon, 1228 Lloyd Ave., Lombard, IL 60148
Registrar: Kim Gackowski, 8126 Elizabeth St., Niles, IL 60714
Newsletter Editor: Lesli Kathman, 9125-3 Olmsted Dr., Charlotte, NC 28262

To promote the practice of Pedigree Assignment in the model horse hobby, and to provide those interested in Pedigree Assignment with a place to meet others, share ideas, and compete with their horses.

Anyone with an interest in Pedigree Assignment may join. Dues are $8/year, which covers printing and mailing the newsletter.

IPABRA publishes a newsletter (Bloodlines) six times a year - in January, March, May, July, September and November. A subscription is included in the yearly dues. Advertisements related to Pedigree Assignment are welcome.

IPABRA maintains a registry for the purpose of recording points and compiling Stud Books. Fifty (50) free registrations are given to new members, with 25 free registrations for each year thereafter. Additional models may be registered at 10¢ per model. The following information need to be submitted to the Registrar on 8.5 x 11" paper: Model's name, breed, gender, color/markings, age or date foaled, sire, dam, grandparents (if known), mold, and CM or OF. Registration numbers do not have to appear on photos, and no SASE is required when sending registrations.

Aging vs. Non-Aging
The club does not ask members to chose either aging or non-aging. Because both systems have their merits, using either is acceptable. Registration numbers will indicate which system was used for that horse.

The club will publish a booklet, "An Introduction to Pedigree Assignment", which will be given to all new members, and available to anyone upon request with a LSASE. Members are encouraged to make copies of the booklet and distribute them to potential members and to newcomers curious about pedigree assignment. IPABRA will also publish periodic Stud Books. Stud Books will contain a comprehensive listing of members and their registered breeding stock, and will be useful to anyone searching for model parents. All registered horses are included without charge, and copies of the Stud Books will be made available at a nominal fee.

Monthly Point Show Classlist
Monthly Point Shows are held the second weekend of the motnh, and are free. Nationals are held in December, using the same classlist as the free shows. Anyone can judge a montly show and volunteers are always needed!

Monthly Point Shows will be divided into two divisions, A: Original Finish and B: Customized. Original Finish will be any mass produced factory models (such as Breyers, North Lights, Hagen-Renakers, Pour Horse, Pete Stone, Black Horse Ranch, etc.) and Customized will be any horses that have been altered from their original finish or handpainted by hobby artists, including limited edition resins (regardless of who painted them). Photos should be clearly labelled by Division and by class number(s) since the classes (and numbers) for each division are the same. Champions are named separately for each division.

Division A: Original Factory Finish
Division B: Customized

Gender Classes       15. Warmbloods       30. Other Color
1. Stallions       16. Drafts       Bloodstock Classes
2. Mares       17. Ponies       31. Mare with Foal
3. Geldings       18. Longears       32. Stallion with Foal
4. Foals       19. Other Partbreds       33. Produce of Dam
Breed Classes       20. Other Purebreds       34. Get of Sire
5. Appaloosas       Color Classes       35. Breeding Family
6. Arabians       21. Bay/Brown      
7. Part-Arabians       22. Black       Champ/Reserve Stallion
8. Morgans       23. Chestnut/Sorrel       Champ/Reserve Mare
9. Saddlebreds       24. Palomino/Buckskin       Champ/Reserve Gelding
10. Other Gaited       25. Dun/Grulla       Champ/Reserve Foal
11. Spanish Breeds       26. Pinto color       Champ/Reserve Breed
12. Quarter Horses       27. Appaloosa color       Champ/Reserve Color
13. Paints       28. All Greys       Champion Sire
14. Thoroughbreds       29. Roan       Champion Dam

Rules: If the judge feels there are enough horses, breed classes may be split by gender, bloodstock classes may be split by type. One honorable mention may be named if there are over 20 entries in a class. Seperate photos in bloodstock classes are fine, but must be clearly labelled. Mare/Stallion with Foal - one offspring (may be adult). Produce of Dam/Get of Sire - two or more offspring. Breeding Family - Three or more generations of the same family. Champs may be selected by either judge-offs or points.

Full results must be given to all entrants, and an additional copy sent to the President for pointkeeping. To prevent entrants from missing upcoming shows, show must be judged and entries returned within 10 days of the show date (in extreme situations, results can be sent out later). Judges should notify entrants of unexpected delays via postcard.

Point values are 1st - 10 pts, 2nd - 9, 3rd - 8, 4th - 7, 5th - 6, 6th - 5, 7th - 4, 8th - 3, 9th - 2, 10th - 1 and HM - ½. Championships are 50, Reserves 35. Points are automatically kept by the President.

IPABRA benefit shows will be rated at double points. Benefit shows may use any classlist (although showholders are encouraged to include breeding classes), and will be advertised for free in the newsletter. Benefits must appear in Bloodlines in order to count for points. Only points from IPABRA monthly shows and benefits will count toward club awards, to give everyone the same chance. Although monthly shows do not offer performance classes, points from perormance classes at benefit shows will be tallied by the Pointkeeper.

In order for a horse to compete at the IPABRA Nationals (held in December), he must have been awarded first place at an IPABRA show (monthly or benefit). The horse does not have to win a first place in every class in order to compete in every class; one first place will qualify the model to enter all classes at the National show.

You must judge one show (monthly point or benefit) or enter at least four shows in order to submit points for that year.

Ownership of Horses
Models must be shown by their owner, with the exception of breeding classes. Photos of models not owned by the shower can be used in the Bloodstock Classes, but may not be shown in the Gender or Breed Classes. Photos such as these should be clearly marked "For Bloodstock Classes Only".

Year End Awards
These awards are given based on the points accumulated in a given show year (January 1 through December 31). Winners will be listed in the March Bloodlines.
High Point/Reserve and Top Ten Breed
High Point/Top Ten Sires
High Point/Top Ten Dams
Breeder of the Year (High Point Stable)

Cummulative Awards
These are based on all points the horse or breeder accumulates in a lifetime (they carry over each year). Horses that achieve these awards will be listed in the March issue of the newsletter.

Register of Merit (ROM)
750 points in halter classes

Legion of Merit (LOM)
1500 points in halter classes

Supreme Champion
Any horse winning five championship titles under at least three different judges. ROMs and LOMs are tallied automatically, but for the Supreme Champion title, the owner must submit the list of championships won (date of show, judge, and championship) to the President. The President will verify the wins and award the title.

Silver Medallion Sire
Any stallion with three or more get with ROMs. Get do not have to be owned by the stallion owner (ie., another member can use your stallion and show his offspring to a ROM, and that will count as one of the needed ROMs). This rule applies to all Sire/Dam awards.

Silver Medallion Dam
Any mare with or or more get with ROMs.

Gold Medallion Sire
Any stallion with a Supreme Champion title with three or more get with LOMs.

Gold Medallion Dam
Any mare with a Supreme Champion title with two or more get with LOMs.

Foundation Sire
Any Gold Medallion Sire to sire a Silver Medallion Sire or Dam.

Foundation Dam
Any Gold Medallion Dam to produce a Silver Medallion Sire or Dam.

Master Breeder
Any member to win two Foundation titles.

Remember, the International Pedigree Assignment and Bloodline Research Association is here for all members to benefit. If you have any ideas or suggestions, please share them! Members are encouraged to ask questions, write articles, correspond with other members - anything that gets them involved! We can only make the club better if we all contribute.

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