What is IPABRA?

IPABRA was designed for those interested in pedigree assignment and to promote education in color genetics, bloodlines, and breed types. We are now EIGHTY+ members strong, and I receive new members practically EVERY day! We have many things to offer our members, not one of least is Bloodlines. Bloodlines is our bi-monthly newsletter produced by our editor Lesli Kathman- and if you used to get minis!, you know the kind of quality Lesli creates in her newsletters! In fact, our newsletter has been called by many "the best club newsletter they have ever seen". Each newsletter is dedicated to a breed and is filled with photos of real and model champions, bloodlines and pedigrees, controversial topics about pedigree assignment, color genetic information, write-ups on sires and dams, book reviews, s/d listings, and much more. We also have free monthly photo shows that are VERY competitive- the 1996 Top Tens were chosen from literally HUNDREDS of championship models! This culminates in a yearly National Championships, where only the best of IPABRA meet to compete. Awards that can be won include gold and silver medallion status, supreme champion titles, ROMs, and LOMs. We are unique in the fact that we also provide championship titles and ranks for high-scoring sires and dams. IPABRA also has a yearly stud book which consists of all registered models...a GREAT way to find a champion parent for your next prized model!

Subscriptions to IPABRA are $8.00 a year, which entitles you to ALL benefits of the club. Sample issues of Bloodlines are available for $1.00 and a LSASE. We hope to see you in IPABRA! If you have any questions about the club or about pedigree assignment, please write! :)

Chris Semon
1228 Lloyd Avenue
Lombard, IL 60148

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