Names in Pedigrees
Great Pony Sires

(Photographs to be added soon, hopefully!)

Mac Dara (Dun Lorenzo x Dolan Rose by Lavalley Star) buckskin Connemara stallion f. 1949-72. One of the all-time great Connemara pony sires.

Jude (Dinarth Spark x Juliet V by The Leat) black Darkmoor stallion f. 1941. ALmost all modern Dartmoors trace to this great foundation stallion.

Coed Coch Glyndwr (Revolt x Dinarth Henol by Llwyn Satan) Welsh Sec. A stallion f. 1935-1959. second only to foundation sire Dyoll Starlight in influence.

Tanybwich Berwyn (Sahara x Brynhir Black Star) Welsh Sec. B stallion f.1924-53. This pony is often called the "father of the Sec. B"; almost all B ponies trace to him.

Mathrafel (Mab Y Brenin x Poll of Golfa) Welsh Cob stallion f. 1936-1957. A very influential Cob sire; registered chestnut, he was more likely a silver dapple.

Kewpie Doll's Oracle (Hillswicke Oracle x Stramliner's Kewpie Doll) black tobiano American Shetland stallion f. 1950-1973. Extremely influential sire of the Classic (Sec. A) American Shetland.

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