Names in Pedigrees
Shagya Stallions

(Photographs to be added soon, hopefully!)

Beduin (Shagya XLVI x 87 Shagya XKI) grey Shagya stallion f. 1978. Imported to Germany from the famous Babolna Stud in Hungary.

Shamasi (Shah Jehan x O'Bajan I-17 Barthahuis) bay Shagya stallion f. 1976. He represents the type produced by occasional outcrosses to purebred Arabian stallions.

Hamilkar (Haladin x Csillag) grey Shagya stallion f. 1973. Like Shamasi, he has recent outcrosses to purebred Arabians.

Durchlaucht (Ghazal VII x Duna) grey Shagya stallion f. 1981. Like Beduin, he is of pure Babolna breeding, but was imported to Germany from the Netherlands.

Koheilan XI-12 (Koheilan XI x 198 Kemir II) bay Shagya stallion f. 1968. Of pure Babolna breeding, but bred in Germany.

Ghazi (Haladin x Ghasala) bay Shagya stallion f. 1968. Ghazi's sire, an Arabian of Polish and Egyptian (Marbach Stud) breding, has proven to be a popular sire of Shagyas.

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