Names in Pedigrees
Draft Breeds

Laet (Seducteur x Couceorous by Harponneur) black Percheron stallion f. 1916-1936, given the title "Sire of Sires". He sired more Grand Champions than any other draft horse sire.

Don Again (Don Degas x Hesitate Again by Hesitation) grey Percheron stallion f. 1931.

Childwick Champion (Childwick Majestic x Blythwood Laurel by Ercall Wynn) bay Shire stallion f. 1903-1924. Considered the fountainhead of the modern Shire --after his death, 45% of stallions traced to him.

Markeaton Royal Harold (Harold x Sensible by Premier) bay Shire stallion f. 1887-1911.

Conquest (Conquerer x Norene de Papelotte by Canari de Papelotte) sorrel Belgian stallion f. 1951. The most successful stallion in the history of the breed. His sisters are profiled in the Bloodlines article "The Father's Daughter: Conqueror".

Pecos Chief, black tobiano stallion f. 1980, founder of the Spotted Draft Horse. He is of Percheron breeding, but not purebred.

-Lesli Kathman

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