Names in Pedigrees
Spanish Arabians

Jacio (Tabal x Teorica by Barquillo) grey Arabian stallion, f. 1968. He is a paternal half-brother to the mare Estopa (x Uyamia), dam of *El Shaklan.

Garbo (Orive x Baldosa by Maquuillo) grey Arabian stallion, f. 1965. Garbo is a grandson of Barquillo through Orive, considered by many to be his best son.

Zancudo (Congo x Yaima by Camelo) chestnut Arabian stallion, f. 1958. One of the most extensively used stallions in the Spanish state studs, known for passing a special elegance to his foals.

*An Malik (Galero x Ispahan by Alhabac) grey Arabian stallion, f. 1970. *An Malik was instrumental in bringing the Spanish Arabian to the attention of American breeders.

*Barich de Washoe (Zurich x *Aldebaran II by Malvito) chestnut Arabian stallion f. 1965. His importation preceeded the popularity of the Spanish cross, so he wasn't extensively used at stud as a young horse.

Galero (Zancudo x *Zalema by Congo) grey Arabian stallion, f. 1965. Galero offspring have been particularly influential in the US, with sons *An Malik, *El Moraduke and *Malikitoa all popular sires.

-Lesli Kathman

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