Names in Pedigrees
Appaloosas and Paint Horses

Absarokee Sunset (Flamingo of AA x Powdered Sugar) blanket Appaloosa stallion f. 1958-1976.

Ratchett (Mardelle Dixon x Loe's Silver Van AQHA) sabino Paint stallion f. 1975. He is considered a "sire of sires"l; with famous sons Socket, Special Effects and Racketeer.

Wapiti (Gold Heels AQHA x Quadroon AQHA) Appaloosa stallion f. 1949. He was a cropout from registered Quarter Horses. There was controversy in the ApHC in 1960 over allowing croputs to show.

Jetalito (Jetalong TB x C-Note's Rosalita) sabino Paint stallion f. 1977.

Goer (Go Boy Go x Miss Bar Heels) red roan Appaloosa stallion f. 1973.

Mighty Bright (Bright Eyes Brother x Peggy's Delight) red dun blanket Appaloosa stallion f. 1960. Mighty Bright became an influential sire, and was named to the breed's Hall Of Fame. He was known for throwing bald face (frequently with blue eyes) and high white on the legs. This probably comes from the stallion Old Fred -- the same horse responsible for the color on Paint cropout The Gambling Man.

Red Eagle (Ferras AHRC x Painter's Marvel) Appaloosa stallion f. 1946-1972. Red Eagle's sire was a purebred Arabian from the Kellogg Ranch -- a common cross in the early days of the breed.

Painted Jewel (Jet Dial AQHA x Babette) tobiano Paint stallion f. 1964.

The Gambling Man (Sutter's Berseem AQHA x Miss Lucky Mount AQHA) splash overo Paint stallion f. 1975. The Gambling Man was a cropout from registered Quarter Horse parents. He was a successful racer, shower, and sire.

-Lesli Kathman

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