IPABRA Research Pedigrees

Welcome to the IPABRA Directory of live horse pedigrees! We're always adding more sires and dams for your pedigree assignment and bloodline research use so check back often.

Akhal Teke
Danish Warmblood
Dartmoor Pony
Dutch Warmblood
Hackney Horse
Miniature Horse
Quarter Horse
Rocky Mountain Horse
Selle Francais
Shagya Arabian
Welsh Pony, Sec. A
Welsh Pony, Sec. B
Welsh Pony, Sec. C
Welsh Pony, Sec. D

Mixed Warmblood Type

For additional pedigree information, see Bloodlines articles such as Sire Lines, The Fathers Daughter, Names in Pedigrees, and Stable Spotlight.

This page is currently under construction. Return soon for more live horses sires and dams for your research and pedigree assignment needs!

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