Just What is Rare?

As much as we strive for realism in our hobby, one area where we do differ from the real horse world is just which breeds should be considered "rare". In some cases, the model version of some breeds might well outnumber the real ones - certainly something to consider when looking fo pedigrees! The chart below was compiled from information provided by the American Horse Council. Numbers reflect American registrations as of 1994 (some breeds are more common in their native country). When stud books are closed, only foals from registered parents may be registered. For registries that have closed their books recently, the date appears in parenthesis. Breeds that do allow specific outcrosses have those listed, though due to space contraints, the exact percentages are not given.

Breed Registry Statistics
Association Year Founded No. Registered Closed Studbook?
Akhal Teke Registry of America 1983 96 Yes
International American Albino Assn. 1936 3,759 No (color)
American Cream Draft Horse Assn. 1944 94 ???
Intern'l Andalusian and Lusitano Assn. 1968 3,100 Yes
Appaloosa Horse Club 1938 570,416 No (QH, TB, Arab)
Arabian Horse Registry of America 1908 510,370 Yes
International Arabian Horse Association
  (Part Arabians & Anglo-Arabians)
1950 305,937 No
Azteca Horse Registry of America 1989 40 No (Pnt/QH, And)
American Bashkir Curly Registry 1971 2,485 ???
Belgian Draft Horse Corp. of America 1887 125,000 Yes
Cleveland Bay Horse Society of America 1885 215 Yes
Clydesdale Breeders of the United States 1879 15,000 Yes
Colorado Ranger Horse Association 1938 5,000 Yes
American Connemara Pony Society 1956 3,850 Yes
Dartmoor Pony Society of America 1936 175 Yes
Friesian Horse Assn. of North America 1978 980 Yes
American Hackney Horse Society 1891 34,000 Yes
Halflinger Association of America 1976 3,139 Yes
United States Icelandic Horse Congress 1988 650 Yes
United States Lipizzan Registry 1980 437 Yes
American Miniature Horse Assn. 1978 52,000 Yes
Missouri Foxtrotting Horse Breed Assn. 1948 46,537 Yes (1980)
American Morgan Horse Association 1907 135,000 Yes
National Show Horse Registry, Inc. 1982 11,400 No (Arab, ASB)
Norwegian Fjord Assn. of North American 1977 600 Yes
American Paint Horse Association 1962 286,103 No (QH, TB)
Paso Fino Horse Assoication, Inc. 1973 23,000 Yes
Percheron Horse Assn. of America 1876 275,115 Yes
Peruvian Paso Registry of North America 1970 11,500 Yes
Pinto Horse Assn. of America 1956 79,590 No (color)
Pony of the Americas Club 1954 41,000 No
American Quarter Horse Association 1940 3,300,000 No (TB)
Rocky Mountain Horse Association 1986 3,300 Yes
American Saddlebred Horse Association 1891 229,674 Yes
North American Shagya Society 1986 84 Yes
American Shetland Pony Club 1888 139,057 Yes
American Shire Horse Association 1885 8,000 Yes
United States Trotting Association
1938 716,004 Yes
American Suffolk Horse Assocation N/A 600 Yes
American Tarpan Studbook Assn. 1935 187 Yes
TWH Breeders & Exhibitors Assn. 1935 305,319Yes
The Jockey Club (Thoroughbreds) 1894 1,348,752 Yes
American Trakehner Association 1974 8,057 ???
American Walking Pony Registry 1968 328 No (TWH, Welsh)
Welsh Pony & Cob Society of America 1906 39,976 Yes

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